Occasion Cakes

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Occasion Cakes

For that special occasion or event, where a cake may be the centre-piece; ABC can design, bake and decorate that special creation particular to your requirements.

For other baking needs, such as cupcakes, large sponge cakes and biscuits, for those other celebrations in the office, coffee morning and the like ABC could produce quantities and recipes to suit your requirements.

Gluten-free and other dietary requirements are readily catered for.


Cake and biscuit options


9” Large sponge cakes – 12 portions

£8.50 per cake   

Or 24 Cupcakes or 12 Muffins £9.50

Victoria Sandwich Variations




Salted Caramel

St. Clements

Carrot Cake

Ginger Cake

Fatless sponge


9” Large Sponge Cakes – 12 portions

£9.50 per cake

Chocolate Cake

Coffee & Walnut

Lemon sandwich

Victoria sandwich

Also cupcakes as above £10.50 per dozen


£8.50 per dozen

Scone variations:

Plain scones

Cherry scones

Fruit scones

Wholemeal scones

Cherry and almond scones

Chocolate chip

Basic biscuits

£7.50 per dozen

Basic Shortbread

Cherry shortbread

Chocolate chip shortbread

Chocolate shortbread

Chocolate and cherry shortbread

Apricot and white chocolate shortbread

Chocolate shortbread

Vanilla biscuits

Vanilla biscuit with apricot & white chocolate

Chocolate chip cookies

Peanut cookies

Gingerbread people

Barley biscuits

Gluten-free biscuits

£7.50 per dozen

Shortbread variations:

Basic shortbread

Lavender shortbread

Chocolate shortbread

Fruit cakes

From £15.00

Fruit cake

Pineapple cake

Banana, date and cherry loaf

Cherry cake

Apple cake

Bara Brith

Victorian Christmas Cake




Functions & Events, Dinners & Parties

More formal and larger events obviously require a greater degree of planning. ABC can work with you right from inception and planning to organisation and delivery through to final clear down.

Menu planning, theme, colour scheme, venue logistics and many other aspects would be discussed to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible, allowing you to enjoy the event as much as your guests.

Drawing upon decades of experience managing events, large and small, ABC are able to plan and organise covering all aspects of the occasion.

Menu options for this type of event would be best written specifically written for the occasion, taking into account all aspects including logistics and budget.

After a fairly detailed initial conversation ABC would offer suggestions reflecting all aspects discussed and could then work with you through to its fruition.

Here at ABC we concentrate on catering for -

· Small, intimate and private dinners or canapé parties.

· Private dinners at client’s own venue - Food can be prepared and delivered to the venue for the client to serve.

· Special events at client’s own venue

· Special events, booked in The Tack Room @ Golding - We also have The Tack Room @ Golding available to hire for parties up to 55 people.

· ABC will purchase all the ingredients required and produce the dishes.

· Full delivery, service and staffing (as required) will be provided; plus a full clear-down service post-event if required.


· Whether you want to plan the perfect elegant cocktail party or have a casual get-together with friends, canapes are an ideal way of providing a feast of flavour whilst allowing your guest to mingle.

· What’s so good about canapés, is that they are so versatile! Served with just drinks as a main event or before a delicious meal, there are so many ingredients to choose from and with culinary influences from all over the world, there are hundreds of combinations that can be made exclusively for your party.

· Canapés are defined in some old dictionaries as pieces of fried French bread spread with pâté – well, how they have changed! We now offer both savoury and sweet; meat, fish and vegetarian, with attention to flavour, colour and presentation that makes all our canapés look and taste so delicious.

· Although a few examples feature below, ABC prefers to meet with clients to discuss their individual requirements – the proposed size of party, where and when, what the client is trying to achieve in theme and type of party – all these matter and go some way in making you the perfect host and amazing party-giver!

· We recommend approximately 6 canapés per person, either all savoury or a mixture of sweet and savoury – below is an example of the types we can produce – but here at ABC we prefer to talk to you, the client and design the canapés around your budget, tastes and favourite foods!

Canapé Options

Bronze Option – 50p per person

Hot –

Fish bites, tartare mayo dip

Welsh rarebit on soda bread (V)

Cold –

Fish –

Smoked mackerel pâté en croute, coriander leaf

Meat – 

Chicken liver pâté, melba toast

Chipolata sausages in honey and wholegrain mustard

Pork crackling stick 

Vegetarian –

Goat’s cheese & sun-dried tomato tart (V)

Mini herbed scone, chutney, mature cheddar cheese

Garlic & chive cream cheese on mini herbed scone

Cucumber sandwich, minted butter (V)

Puff pastry tart – sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, Italian herbs (V)

English cheese pâté, chives, toasted soda bread (V)

Silver Option - 75p per person

Hot -

Sticky chicken teri yaki on skewer, sprinkled with chopped coriander

Welsh rarebit, caramelised onion chutney, on soda bread (V)

Cold –

Fish –

Miniature fish goujon & chips, with tartare sauce 

Sweet chilli prawns in filo baskets, dill garnish

Potted shrimps en croute

Smoked trout & cream cheese on mini herbed scones

Meat –

Honey & grain mustard chipolatas in a breaded cob

Turkey, cranberry sauce puff pastry tartlets

Venison sausage, caramelised red onion chutney, toasted ciabatta

Grilled black pudding, bacon crisp, topped with apple compote

Vegetarian –

Wensleydale & cranberry, cranberry sauce en croute (V)

Blue cheese, apricot, apricot conserve, en croute (V)

Mini herbed scone, caramelised red onion chutney, Shropshire blue (V)

Goats cheese & tomato salsa tartlet (V)

Applewood, pear on caramelised onion bruschetta

Gold Option - £1.00 per person

Hot –

Scampi bites, tartare mayo dip

Mushroom, tarragon and mozzarella bruschetta (V)

Cold –

Fish -

Prawns in a mango, lime & chilli dressing, in filo baskets, dill garnish

Prawn marie rose in filo case with paprika

Egg & prawn marie rose, fish roe on pumpernickel

Smoked salmon, cream cheese blini

Salmon pâté en croute, prawn garnish, dill (en croute will be toast piece with lemon oil)

Smoked salmon on brown bread, lemon zest

Meat -

Venison sausage, autumn chutney on oatcake, coriander leaf

Miniature Yorkshire pudding, horseradish mayonnaise, roast beef, watercress leaf

Duck & orange pâté on cucumber slice, edible flower pansy

Grilled asparagus & prosciutto wrap

Chorizo sausage, mozzarella, sun-dried tomato in a filo tartlet

Vegetarian -

Chargrilled halloumi, courgette and red pepper kebab (V)

Baby tomatoes and mozzarella balls spiked on to pipettes, filled with pesto oil (V)

Goat`s cheese and cranberry sauce served in filo pastry case, chive (V)

Watermelon, strawberry & honeydew kebab (V)